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Make a Product 4.0

"Use Our Step-by-Step System to...
Amp Up Your Content Marketing,
Publish a Digital Kindle Book
AND a Physical CreateSpace Book
Within the Next Few Days"

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Even If You Hate Writing,
Flunked Out of High School English Class,
and Have Never Written a Word Before In Your Life!

From the Desk Of: Lance Tamashiro & Robert Plank
Date: Tuesday, 8:38 AM

Whether you have a book or you don't have a book, whether you've tried and failed in the past to create a book, whether a book interests you but sounds too "hard", too "expensive" or too "time-consuming"...

  • I can show you how to plan out your next book in just a few minutes
  • I can show you how to speak out a short book (25-30 pages) that is both Amazon Kindle (digital) and Amazon CreateSpace (physical) compliant using our "7 times 8" system in just 56 minutes (either all at once or scattered throughout the week)
  • I can show you how to get that book online (including a cover, Amazon listing) and promote it so that it establishes credibility for you and your business
  • And all that won't take months or years like you've previously thought! I can show you how to do this within the next few days, and repeat it over and over again anytime you want (for yourself or others)

Use the training found inside Make a Product 4.0 to generate articles, blog posts, reports, Kindle ebooks, physical books and finally get the recognition you deserve. We'll show our exact process -- give you our exact foolproof step-by-step system (with a real "case study" as we publish our own book) in four easy 60-90 minute sessions, delivered online instantly...

Then tell me how the training has improved your business, just like these successful people...

"This Turned Into More Than $40,000 Extra So Far This Year"

I became a member close to a year ago I think and have loved it! It change my content creation dramatically and helped me earn way more money than the cost of the course. In our business last year my wife and I made about $40,000, so far this year we have earned close to twice that amount.

New and fresh content = higher search ranking = more potential customers who find us = more paying customers. We are not internet marketers (yet).

We just have a business teaching English here in Chile to adults and kids. I just used the info you guys gave to create articles and build websites in days instead of weeks or months!

My investment in your course turned into more than $40,000 extra so far this year! With that in mind my wife should let me get the upgrade don't you think?!? haha! Anyway, thanks a ton!

Donald Carter Santiago, Chile


"Dictated 16 Posts
This Month... 60 Posts Next Month"

Robert and Lance, congrats on another kick-butt product! The most important thing I got from this course is the ability to turn on the flow of articles.

Until now, I found it very difficult to write more than one or two articles a week. In the last two weeks, I've dictated 16 articles.

Even more impressive then the number is that I did it in two sessions. That wouldn't have been possible without your course. I already knew that creating my own products is the way to long term success.

What became very clear through the course was the ease and power of creating and re-purposing my own material to make it more valuable. For next month I have set a goal of writing and scheduling 60 blog articles to promote existing products and affiliate offers.

Roger Easlick
Oxford, Michigan, USA

"Too Darn Easy! 75 Minutes for 10 Chapters Including Preparation"

Well that was too darn easy! I outlined my ten articles last night. This morning, I recorded them and posted the job. Two candidates are currently transcribing my test audio. Total time spent on this: 75 minutes. Freakin' awesome!

John Sanpietro
Jay, New York, USA

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"Ten Articles in an Hour!"

Well, I've done it -- 10 articles on [niche removed] exported as MP3s. Whole process took just over an hour, including the planning, although I had come up with some questions on the way home from work. Never spoken so fast in my life, but the audio sounds clear.

Thanks Robert, interesting to see the whole process and how it mirrored my own experience!

Thom Lancaster
Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom


"You Both Overdelivered!"

I learned so many new tricks and tips to actually DO outsourcing... instead of just hearing others talk about how great it is, you showed it in action. So I will definitely try it.

I already knew that I needed to get my autoresponder sequences set up beyond Day 0, and now I have a firm plan in front of me that I will do before the week is out. Also, I have had "write articles" on my list for a few months and have not pushed myself to make it a priority yet but now I've got my first article written because of this webinar and I'll post it tonight.

After taking this training, I'm going to create new products, write and upload articles, set up my email sequences for various products I already have as well as "Rinse and Repeat" for all new launches. Thank you so much for a content-rich training series... you both overdelivered!

Evelyn Brooks
Los Angeles, California, USA


"A Book & A Year's Worth of Content"

"Make a Product" has shown me how easy and efficient it is going to be for me to pump out content by dictating them instead of writing them (I'm more of a writer) by doing the outlines as a mindmap first and just running through a slew of them quickly with one take.

It is smoother than I thought, making the results better quality than I expected.

I'll be dictating a book before the end of the month. (And then I'll be dictating a year's worth of content that I've been asked to contribute for a regular column in an online magazine -- thanks for making this a much easier task!)

Thanks again, this was an amazing experience!

Gabrielle Fontaine
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

"I Can Now Outsource The Audio Dictation Of All My Content..."

I want to personally thank you for showing me how to outsource the audio dictation of articles, reports, and more. I'm going to combine this advice with the formula for making articles and re purposing them.

I'm off to set up a 7 day launch sequence for my product and send to my current subscribers.

Robert Vance
Glendale, California, USA

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"I Can Talk A Lot More Than I Can Write!"

The most important part of your training was how to outsource. I had previously outsourced on the "wrong" sites so I had no guidelines on how to price for this type of product.

I also never thought to use this as a technique (recording your articles and reports) -- I can talk a lot more than I can write! The launch sequence examples you showed helped reinforce how to do it and you've given me a better idea on how to do the "ask" technique.

Now that I've graduated from this course, I'm going to create my launch sequence (which fits in nicely with my "reuniting" with my list after no real communication for a year) next week.

Terrie Wurzbacher
San Antonio, Texas, USA

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